The I-65 Killer

April 2022, a name was finally put to the I-65 killings of the 1980s.

The Murders of Herb Baumeister

His downfall began with a phone call to retired officer and private investigator Vergil Vandagriff. The caller, referred to as Tony, was a friend of a missing person Vandagriff was looking for. Robert Goodlet, 32, had been reported missing by his mother when he hadn’t returned home after a night out at a downtown gayContinue reading “The Murders of Herb Baumeister”

The Murders of Bruce McArthur

            In January of 2018, a young man, referred to has “John,” was heading to what was likely meant to be a consensual hook-up with another man. “John,” who’s identity has been kept secret, is a married man, and in text messages that would eventually be read in court, had discussed with the man heContinue reading “The Murders of Bruce McArthur”