Case Updates: Molly Bish, Holly Piirainen and Claire Gravel

Read my original article on Molly Bish’s disappearance and murder here. After over 20 years waiting for answers, the family of Molly Bish seem to have, understandably, lost faith in the team investigating the case. Molly’s sister, Heather, sent in a formal request for the case to be taken over by Hampden County. Heather BishContinue reading “Case Updates: Molly Bish, Holly Piirainen and Claire Gravel”

The Disappearance of Molly Bish

I’m eight years-old, watching the news while my parents talk when a report on a missing person comes across the screen. The room is quiet as the image of a young blonde woman, a few years older than my older sister, comes onto the screen and the reporters tell us her name: Molly Bish.