The Disappearance of Cynthia Anderson

Cynthia “Cindy” Anderson, born February 4, 1961, was 20-years old when she seemingly disappeared on August 4, 1981. In the weeks leading up to her disappearance, she had been experiencing some strange, and unsettling, occurrences. Nightmares plagued her, of a man attacking her, and a message written on the wall across from her office window seemingly written to her. The message, reading “I LOVE YOU CINDY BY GW,” was left for six months before finally being cleaned, only to be rewritten larger and more visibly a few weeks later. She began receiving harassing phone calls while at work, eventually leading her employers, James Rabbitt and Jay Feldstein, to have an emergency button installed at her desk that would alert the nearby businesses should she have an emergency. They advised her to lock the doors to the office while she was there, just to be safe. After her disappearance, a client, Larry Mullins, recalled having seen her the day before when he went in to pay a legal fee. According to him, she received a phonecall that seemed to upset her, as she looked disturbed as she quickly hung up, only to have the call come again. Mullins was disturbed enough by this occurrence to call the local police to check in on her. Unfortunately, these precautions seem to have been for naught (Shakira)(“The Mysterious Disappearance Of Cynthia Anderson – Unsolved Mysteries”)(“Cynthia Jane Anderson – The Charley Project”).

She arrived at work on AUgust 4, 1981, at her usual time, 8:30 AM. Generally, she was alone in the mornings. That morning, witnesses saw her around 9:45 AM, but by the time her employers arrived at noon, she was gone. Outside of her office, there appeared to be no signs of her. Her office smelled of nail polish remover and a romance novel she had been reading was left open on her desk. Disturbingly, the scene the book was opened to was of the heroine being abducted at knifepoint. The phones were not on hold, as she usually put them when leaving, and there was no note on the door, another thing she usually did. When police arrived they found that her purse and car keys were missing, but her car was still in the parking lot, locked. In the years since her disappearance, now over 40 years, the substantial amount of money in her bank account has not been touched, and her social security number never used again (Shakira)(“The Mysterious Disappearance Of Cynthia Anderson – Unsolved Mysteries”)(“Cynthia Jane Anderson – The Charley Project”).

A phonecall came through to investigators in September 1981. A woman, whispering and seemingly terrified, told investigators that Cindy was being held in the basement of a white house. According to the caller, the white house was one of two, both owned by the same family. The parents were out of town at the time and the son was the one holding Cindy hostage. Throughout the call, the woman kept saying she was scared and would say she needed to go. When pushed, she hung up, and called back later only to hang up when pushed again. A search of Toledo, Ohio, where Cindy went missing, proved fruitless (Shakira)(“The Mysterious Disappearance Of Cynthia Anderson – Unsolved Mysteries”)(“Cynthia Jane Anderson – The Charley Project”). 

No one has been charged in her disappearance and possible murder, though suspects have been named. One man came forward, claiming to be the one who wrote the messages he claimed were meant for another Cindy. He was questioned, but never charged. A maintenance worker at the firm with the initials GW was also questioned, as he had keys to the building and would have had easy access to Cindy. Brothers Anthony and Nathaniel Cook have also been brought up, already convicted of nine murders in the Ohio area during the 1980s, but both deny any involvement in her disappearance. Jose Rodriguez Jr, a convicted drug dealer, and his attorney, Richard Neller, have also been proposed. Neller had worked at the firm Cindy worked at in 1981, and some believe she overheard a conversation between the two that she was not meant to hear. Many believe she was abducted and likely murdered due to this, but there is no proof outside of the testimony of an informant at Rodriguez’s trial in 1995. The informant testified that Rodriguez had confessed to the murder, but the testimony was deemed unreliable (Shakira)(“The Mysterious Disappearance Of Cynthia Anderson – Unsolved Mysteries”)(“Cynthia Jane Anderson – The Charley Project”).

According to her family, it is unlikely that Cindy would have left on her own. She was preparing to go to Bible college with her boyfriend, both coming from strict Christian fundamentalist backgrounds, and quitting her job. A new chapter in her life was opening to her. Her father felt, however, that her behavior had begun to change and those changes may have been related. She had begun spending more time on her appearance and dieting, skipping breakfast at times. Her father, Michael Anderson, believed she was behaving like a debutante. Before his death, he wondered if she may have amnesia and be out there, not knowing who she is. He wanted her to know that, if she is out there, the family is always waiting for her to come home (Shakira)(“The Mysterious Disappearance Of Cynthia Anderson – Unsolved Mysteries”).

Cindy is described as a brunette white woman with brown eyes, standing at 5’4” tall and weighing in at 115 pounds. She was wearing a white v-neck dress with pink pinstripes, brown Legg’s pantyhose, and beige ankle-strap sandals the day she disappeared. She had a chicken pox scar on her forehead and a fishhook shaped scar on her inner right knee measuring at one and a half inches long (“Cynthia Jane Anderson – The Charley Project”). 

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