College in Session

Hello everyone! I have an announcement: college is back in session! As some of you know, I am a full time college student and I have a part time job. This semester my courses have a heavier work load, especially doing them at home due to the pandemic. To work with this, I am going to be posting every other week instead of every week. On weeks that I have less of a work load, I will try to post an extra case. During breaks I will go back to weekly cases as I have during the summer, and depending on the workload I have next semester I may be posting weekly again when next semester starts.

I would like to try to do short updates on some of the cases I’ve written about previously on the off-weeks for the semester, so do keep an eye out for some updates. I know at least one case I covered has had updates recently.

Want to keep up with me outside of this blog? I have a twitter for this blog, @SynTalks, and a personal twitter, @syntheticabdiel. I can be found on Instagram under synwritestruecrime and syntheticabdiel as well, and there is a tumblr dedicated to this blog as well, I have plans to eventually start a youtube channel, also under Syn Talks like my twitter, where I will discuss true crime as well as branch out into other topics occasionally.

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